The Anzmann Company introduction

The brand name Anzmann has been well known for more than 200 years for its high quality devotional objects and their high artistic standards. It is because of our ancestors that we have been successful for 9 generations. Although the First and Second World Wars prevented our company from operating, we have maintained the trading tradition of our founder throughout many obstacles. Customers throughout the whole world are holding our versatile range of products in high esteem. These products include rosaries, holy water fonts, icons and holy figures in addition to other spiritual products.


Company History

Christoph Fahrmann founded our company in 1792 as a spiritual merchandising house and started with the production of rosaries.

About 26 years, later his son-in-law, Ignaz Anzmann, joined the company. Ignaz Anzmann’s son Ferdinand, took over the company in 1864- after the death of his father and grandfather in law. He recognized that Adolf Zorn was an efficient manager, and he made him into an executive partner in the company. Until the death of Adolf Zorn, the company made its business under the name “Zorn & Anzmann”.

After the death of his business partner, Ferdinand Anzmann successfully expanded the company by establishing a subsidiary in Chicago in the year 1886. It was only seven years later when he achieved the biggest success in the history of our merchandising house: 

The award of the World Exhibition in Chicago in 1893 for our rosaries.

Shortly after the turn of century in 1903, Ferdinand passed on the management to his sons Ignaz and August. They were able to continue the successful work of their father, as well as extending the merchandise of the devotional products. After the Second World War, August – who had been responsible for the whole company since 1931 – introduced his son August Anzmann junior to the business.

Today’s company, formed as a corporation by Renate Jacob, daughter of August Anzmann junior, who had resigned due to his age. Renate Jacob had already worked for 21 years in the company of her father and therefore was able to bring a lot of experience to the company. Together with her daughter Angela Burger, she managed the company with a constant effort to enlarge and expand the company. For this reason the company presents a wide range of products at well-known exhibitions from Frankfurt to Vienna.

At this point we would like to thank our ancestors, who have put their whole strength and endurance in order to pass on our company generation to generation. It is due to our ancestors that the brand “Anzmann” is well know for the high quality devotional products provided throughout the world.

Das Team

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